Key Features

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  • Interface Web Chat, Messenger , Slack, Telegram, Kik, Skype, Line

  • Works with your existing customer support software

  • Automate response based on FAQs and common questions

  • Customize with your business rules & implement flows

  • Enable Human & AI to work together


Get Intimate

Brands and corporations with a Facebook or other social media page can now easily and cost effectively engage their audiences.

Scale on Demand

Spikes in user queries can be smoothly handled by our automated engine and the system queues complex queries/questions to human agents.

Engage Effectively

Ability to engage with users individually in a extremely cost effective manner.

Improve Efficiency

Identify end user value and context before engaging valuable human sales and support staff.

tech details


Custom Built NLP Engine with multiple AI algorithms


In-house engine(Data not shared with any 3rd parties) and secure chat system


Realtime authentication technology for chat and messaging interfaces


Ensemble scoring with multiple algorithms

about company

We are revolutionizing the customer engagements using AI

Companies are using valuable human resources to handle simple and repetitive tasks.  We are fixing this.

DeepPiXEL Inc. delivers solutions to corporations looking to add an AI based customer service assistant to their products, services or engagement channels.   We are an unmatched leader in the development of cognitive AI technology. We have customers that range from small startups to large conglomerates.  We're also partnered with the IBM innovation lab, University of Toronto (Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab), Microsoft, Google, Ontario Centers of Excellence and MaRs Innovation.


  • U of T University of Toronto
  • IBM innovation space
  • Microsoft
  • MarS